January 15, 2018

I'm beyond honored to be featured in Fashionista among so many other designers and Plus business owners who I look up to and admire.

When I started All 67 in mid-2017, I was hyper-focused on making the best plus-size leather moto jackets. In just a few months, we accomplished that goal, and strive to approve upon it every day. Looking forward through 2018, I'm realizing that biker jackets are just the beginning. There's an entire world of fashion out there waiting to be explored by plus brands and their customers. Representation and inclusivity needs to become the norm, not the exception. If brands like All 67 and the others on this list must continue the momentum, the barrier between plus-size and straight-size fashion will come down.

Enjoy the article, and let's make 2018 even more inclusive and inspiring!