January 14, 2018

Everyone talks about how clothes are supposed to make you feel. Brand marketing is saturated with catchy little phrases that are meant to impart a feeling about how their product can make you happier, smarter, healthier, stronger, faster, slimmer, younger, etc. I get it, I really do. They try to sell the emotion and aspiration in tandem with the product. But it's a one-way street. There's rarely a person behind the branded curtain that reciprocates those feelings. It's not a relationship between two people- it's just branding. It's temporary, fleeting, unlasting. I want to call attention to the other side...the brand side...my side. As a designer and brand owner, nothing makes me happier than seeing a customer laughing, loving, living in an All 67 jacket.

There's a story much deeper than an online order, a mailed box, and a happy customer.

Britney Young in an All 67 leather jacket

Exhibit A- Check out Britney Young most recently of Glow fame (go watch it on Netflix if you haven't already!). I sent Britney a DM earlier this year, way before All 67 launched. We ended up meeting at Bricks and Scones when I was visiting LA. She was supportive and excited and encouraging. When I finally launched a short while later, Britney was one of the first people to get a jacket. I look at these photos and think about the our respective journeys, and the overlap in our stories.

Britney Young- former production assistant, embarking on her first major role with Netflix, gaining recognition, paving paths for her future and others.

Jeff Cafone- former musician, self-taught designer, launching a Plus luxury clothing brand in uncharted territory.

Cast of Netflix Glow, Britney Young wearing all 67 moto jacket

That relationship is irreplaceable. It marks a moment in time upon which the future will be built. It marks the beginning of a lasting foundation.

When we wear a piece of clothing -whether it's for the first time or 10 years later- we don't think about that fleeting feeling that was promised to us by the branding gods. We think about ourselves, and our own achievements and accomplishments. We think about the past and the relationships we've built. We think about how far we've come, and how far we're going. That's timeless. It's For Life.