The All 67 Story

We make fashion, not just clothing, and believe the ALL women deserve to invest in themselves.

Luxury Quality - Perfect Fit - For Life.

Designer Jeff Cafone with group wearing All 67 jackets

Hi, I'm Jeff Cafone, self-taught designer and owner of All 67. (That's me up there ^^^). Here's my story...

About the All 67 name:

You probably know where the "67" comes from- It is the most widely cited number of the percentage of American women who are technically considered "plus-size". As a male designer, I don't want to center myself. It's important to be conscious about my position in the community. I want the brand name to reflect that mission and message.

All 67 is my way of solidifying those ideals in a name, and ensuring that my brand remains For, Of, and With the community at all times.


During and after college I was a touring musician, but music was not the career or business that I wanted for myself moving forward. When I stopped performing and songwriting, I had a huge creative gap in my life that I needed to fill. I decided to teach myself how to sew on a whim with my grandma's old machine from the 1950's. Sewing was something I could do in a small Manhattan apartment that didn't make too much noise, or a mess!

I started out by making denim jeans and jackets for myself as hobby. One day I came upon some amazing leather on the back shelf of a fabric store that really inspired me. I thought, "I'd love to make something out of that one day." Leather-working is, quite literally, a different animal. It's a totally different skill set, different machines, more expensive, and definitely more difficult. Fast forward a few months, and I started a custom leather jacket business for people of all shapes and sizes. The pieces were all bespoke made-to-measure for each client. 

I quickly found that when I was fitting women who wore larger sizes, the feedback was, "Wow, this is amazing, I've never had access to something of this quality and style that looks and feels like this!".

I honestly didn't think too much about it at first. But at a certain point I decided, "Ok, let me take a look at why people are telling me this. What is the state of extended size fashion?" My mind was totally blown. I was shocked at the lack of quality pieces and the complete absence of luxury brands. 

That lead me to where I am today- creating a full ready to wear collection in sizes 12-28+. My bet is that in a few short years from now, we're going to see the higher end of the market fill in with more contemporary options, and more representation. The All 67 brand is about owning the curves-friendly leather jacket space, and other elevated wardrobe staples.

In summary, All 67 is committed to YOU, and providing:

Luxury Quality - Perfect Fit - For Life.