December 03, 2017

Ya'll asked, "What is All 67?....Why did you change the brand name from Jeff Cafone?...Why is the sky blue?"....All great questions, my friends! Here’s the answer.

There are multiple reasons for the name change, but first and foremost, “All 67” represents the inclusivity and community-driven vision I have for my brand moving forward. You probably know where the "67" comes from- It is the most widely cited number of the percentage of women who are plus size in America. As a non-plus male designer, I don't want to center myself- I think it's important to be conscious about my position in the community, and I want the name of my brand to reflect my mission and message. I am here to "listen to" rather than "talk at". This is the reason my brand exists in the first place. I predict that in the next few years, we will see an increase in representation and inclusivity of size, shape, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity in fashion. I want to be an active participant in that change. “All 67” is my way of solidifying those ideals in a name, and ensuring that my brand remains For, Of, and With the plus community at all times.

I hope you love it.