November 05, 2017

I'm honored to be featured in Racked this week, and acknowledged for creating "the Best Plus-Size Leather Jackets." I's true! But it's 2017. Leather moto jackets have been around for 60+ years, and the Plus community is just getting them now? That's like, 60 years too late! Not just for jackets, but for contemporary luxury clothing in general.

Where are the Rag and Bone's of Plus...the All Saints' of Plus...the Acne's and Helmut Lang's? Where are the St. Laurant's, the Balenciaga's, the Dolce's, the Burberry's, and the Prada's of Plus?

They're nowhere. They are stuck on size 10 because they pretend like it's too difficult or expensive to go higher. It's not, you just have to wantto.

I want to. I'm making the best Plus-size leather jackets because, for whatever reason, no one else is. I transitioned my business exclusively into sizes over 12 (I go up to a size 30) because I feel like I'm needed there.  A majority of women have been denied nice things by the fashion stalwarts for too long. For me it's a new opportunity....but for my customers, it's a tired old insult from a stale and aging fashion industry.

Now is the time. I fully intend to represent a market that has been ostracized, tokenized, and whatever else-icized for long enough. Let's do it together. Jackets are just the beginning. #JacketsForLife.