November 17, 2017

All 67, the first Plus Size Luxury Leather Jacket Brand, Announces Official Launch with an Un-retouched Body-Diverse Campaign

All 67, the first luxury leather jacket brand for sizes 12-30, has launched its inaugural collection with an inclusive campaign celebrating the diversity of plus size women.

The body-positive editorial features seven women, including  Orange is the New Black actress Lea DeLaria, Bustle editor Amanda Richards, SLiNK editor Renee Cafaro, and  blogger-influencers Alissa Wilson, Ushshi Rahman, Ashleigh Nicole Tribble, and Anna O’Brien.

All 67’s campaign challenges antiquated marketing imagery. Brands typically feature “plus size” models with hourglass figures on the smaller end of the size spectrum. They embody an extremely small percentage of what plus women actually look like. All 67instead chose to show empowered women from various backgrounds throughout the brand’s entire 12-30 size range, completely un-retouched and unaltered.

With the recent change from the original eponymous name, founder and designer Jeff Cafone explained, “All 67 represents inclusivity and a community-driven vision. As a male designer, I don't want to center myself. It's important to be conscious of my position in the plus community. 67% is the most widely cited number of the percentage of women who are plus size in America. I want to be an active participant in the growing trend toward representation and inclusivity of size, sexuality, and ethnicity in fashion. All 67 is my way of solidifying those ideals in a name, and ensuring that my brand remains For, Of, and With the plus community at all times.”

About All 67
All 67 is a luxury clothing brand specializing in plus size leather and vegan jackets for sizes 12-30. The company was founded on the principle that high-end contemporary fashion and a great moto jacket should not be size-specific. Self-taught custom jacket designer Jeff Cafone started All 67 based on feedback from his bespoke clients who wore larger sizes. He learned they did not have access to the same quality designs that are so ubiquitous in straight size fashion.

Leather jackets are timeless statement pieces that empower the wearer and work for any style and demographic. The jackets are made from premium leather and suede, and offer options such as a detachable fur collar. They were designed to fit a vast array of plus body types throughout the 12-30 size range. Features such as a gently-arched lower back and subtle bust projection allow the jacket to zip up comfortably over curvier features. called the designs, "The Best Plus Size Leather Jackets" in an October 2017 profile. Prices range from $349-$498 for real leather with detachable fur collar, suede, and vegan options. All 67 jackets are made to last a lifetime, and are the perfect fit for women who are willing to invest in quality and themselves.

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