Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes we do! Domestic US shipping is free for all orders.

Do you sell and ship internationally?

Of course! Jackets are available for purchase in Canada, UK and all of Europe, Asia, and Australia. Cost of shipping varies based on location.

What is your return policy?

Liberal! Your happiness and satisfaction is primary. Check out our return and exchange policy here.

I'm big-busted...I have large upper arms...I have broad shoulders...I have a small bust but large stomach...

No problem! All 67 jackets are designed to fit all body types and shapes. Perfect fit is the number one feature that sets us apart from every other brand. Regardless of where you carry weight, we're certain that our pieces will work for you. We spent countless hours designing and listening to Plus community feedback to perfect the elements of our moto jackets. 

Design details include:

  • a bust dart that allows for chest projection
  • mid-crop design with gentle arch across the lower back, allowing the jacket to zip up comfortably over large hips and high butts
  • extra room in biceps and across the shoulders (but without looking wide and floppy!)

Check out our Sizing page for more information.

Do you still offer custom jackets?

Yes we do! While we are focused on making the best leather jackets for plus size in our ready to wear collection, customers still have the option to order a bespoke piece. Customization can include leather color, lining, zippers and hardware, details, and custom fitting. Email to start the discussion!

How long are the sleeves?

Please see the Sizing page for exact sleeve length measurements. The jackets are designed to fit all body types and shape, including both tall and short people. Customers with logner arms will find the sleeves end at the top the wrists (very fashionable!). Those with shorter arms will see the sleeve cuffs hitting at the top of the hand. They are designed to not be too long, and unfashionable. We also offer longer or shorter sleeve lengths by custom order.

Why are the jackets expensive?

Comparatively speaking, they certainly are not. We would be considered on the low end of the price spectrum for a straight size brand (those making for sizes 0-12 only), but our quality is much higher. Smaller size options are endless, and range from middle-of-the-road pricing $500-600 (All Saints), up to $1200-1600 (Acne, Rag and Bone, Iro, Veda), and way up into the $3000+ designer range (St Laurent, Balenciaga, etc).

All 67 is a luxury jacket brand, and our focus is on providing you the best quality, perfect fit, and jackets that will last a lifetime. We're able to do that while still keeping a reasonable price tag. We find that it's something sadly missing from Plus, where fast fashion and poorly made items are often the only option. We understand it may not be for everyone, or work for your budget today...but a leather moto is an investment piece. It will get better with age as you wear it for decades, and always be in style. Email designer Jeff Cafone personally if you'd like to discuss further!